What is this about?  
Maths grafiti
What is this about?
Maths grafiti
Asked by: albert2
Category: Artistic, Arts & Culture

Asked on: 10th Feb. 2011
Ending on: 27th Apr. 2011

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  3   :: Suggestion by ende76 on 23rd March 2011

It's a parametrized 2-dimensional curve.

Despite other claims, the implicit equation has infinitely many solutions.

If plotted, you'll find that the solutions form the shape of a heart.

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  1   :: Comment by Mystery on 25th March 2011

It look it may do given the other half!

Wolfram Alpha

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  0   :: Suggestion by bazmail on 22nd March 2011

It is a Banksy-wannabe's attempt at thought-provoking graffiti consisting of an equation that has 2 solutions: (x=1,y=1) and (x=-1,y=1). No significance beyond this.

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