Do frogs feel emotion?  
Two frogs
Do frogs feel emotion?
Two frogs
Asked by: LouLou
Category: Natural World

Asked on: 10th Feb. 2011
Ending on: 21st Apr. 2011

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  1   :: Suggestion by p_abraham on 22nd March 2011

I think that sometimes it's tempting to apply human traits to animals.

I completely understand that some animals seem to show "human" traits, but often, as in this case, we are applying our own emotions to a situation to which they simply do not apply.

Having said that, there is no real doubt that there are many mammals, (dogs, dolphins, whales) that are social and completely sentient. They often display the same sort of "intelligence" as us, and have no doubt that they "understand" the stress that we place them under!

Fuck Frogs. Fair. But respect the world that you live in.

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