What is this beast all about?  
Huge jet plane thingy...
What is this beast all about?
Huge jet plane thingy...
Asked by: velociraptor
Category: Technology & Machinery

Asked on: 10th Mar. 2011
Ending on: 7th Apr. 2011

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  3   :: Suggestion by An5w3r5 on 10th March 2011

Yeah, it's the Caspian sea Monster! - an Ekranoplan, very fast boat/ aeroplane that uses a physical effect called "ground effect".

There have been many trials of these machines, but I don't think that they've ever really been used in any service. I assume that they must have some critical flaws, maybe the need very still water?

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  2   :: Comment by velociraptor on 11th March 2011

Crazy contraption! I wonder what they were like to ride on!?

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  1   :: Comment by An5w3r5 on 21st March 2011

Ha! I can't imagine that it was a smooth ride!!!

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