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Can you love your maker?
I'm not even going to get involved with this!!!
Asked by: rainbow
Submitted: 1st Feb. 2011
Ending: 16th Apr. 2011
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Category: People
I find this somewhat staggering, anyone else?
"Who wants to be Christian" so, someone who has made their mind up. "But finds their intellect getti...
Asked by: rainbow
Submitted: 16th Feb. 2011
Ending: 25th Apr. 2011
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Category: Other/ Miscellaneous
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1 :: Comment by rainbow on 2011-03-02

Maybe being lapsed he was taking a (not so subtle dig!?). By the way, I looked him up on Wikipedia (I did no know of him) and his epitaph reads: "Abba Abba"!? Sounds like quite an eccentric!

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2 :: Comment by rainbow on 2011-03-02

Maybe so, but your intellect is the ONLY thing that ultimately you can rely on 100%. Your first, last and only line of defence against, say a scam, or trick is your intellect. Someone wants to convince you of something, something that it going to change your life, your intellect is what you use to literally make that decision to change, or not.

The trouble with putting logic and reason aside of a moment is that, by default you therefore make the decision to do so in an illogical and unreasoned way.

How can you debate or discuss moral authority if by default you're not using logic or reason?

You can't dismiss logic - that the leap of faith - then reinstate logic when you're "on the other side". That would be like dismissing gravity for a moment jumping 20ft high then reinstating gravity and expecting to stay up there. The reality is of course that you'd come crashing back to ground, just as someone who applies logic to their (newly held) faith would come crashing back to reason.

/rant over...

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3 :: Comment by rainbow on 2011-02-16

I agree, absolute classic photo!

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