Which End Bites? Question End Dates  
  Award Description
Top Suggestion When a question ends the top suggestion is given this award.
Asked a Question Awarded every time you ask a question.
Facebook Linked Account Awarded for linking your account to Facebook. (Click the Facebook icon next to the message notification icon, top right.)
Question Posted To Facebook Award given when a uploaded question is posted to Facebook.
Most Top Suggestions in a Single Day On any one day many questions may end. This award is given to the person winning the most individual "Top Suggestions" in that day. This must be more than 1.

Examples: 1) Ten questions end on the same day, however there are ten individual "Top Suggestion" winners and so this award is not presented. 2) Twelve questions end on the same day, one person makes the top suggestion for three of these questions, and the other nine questions have different people making the top suggestion. The person making three top suggestions that day wins this award.
Weekly Contributer Every Monday morning at (00:00 GMT) we calculate who has won the most awards in the previous 7 days, this award is given to that person.
Monthly Contributer On the 1st of every month (at 00:00 GMT) we calculate who has won the most Awards in the previous month, this award is given to that person.
Please note that if a question receives a high percentage of low ratings, (or is flagged as spam, or it is deemed offensive or inappropriate) all awards assosiated with it will be withdrawn.